our story begins... like all stories do.


once upon a time

aimee pursued her dream of providing small businesses with a functional website or blog that was aesthetically pleasing that could be easily managed by the client. in 2008, aimee quit her job as a fortune-500 recruiter to pursue her dream while raising her son, Jack.


then there were 2

abigail was born in late 2009 and anchored design continued to provide aimee the opportunity to be a stay at home mom while continuing to service the clients a girl could ask for!


development staff

for the first 2 years, aimee was a 1-person shop. she not only designed, but also developed her own sites using js, jquery, HTML + CSS. as client demand grew, aimee chose the path that interested her most: functional design while hiring the best developers she could find.


genesis framework

for years, aimee had worked with html, dreamweaver and wordpress. then, enter brian gardner and his brilliant genesis framework. the world hasn’t been the same since.


studiopress signature team

shortly after becoming an exclusive designer on the Genesis Framework, our team was asked to join the StudioPress Genesis Developers List. it's been an honor to represent both StudioPress and the Genesis Framework.


teal umbrella arrived

the rainmaker platform by copyblogger went live in the summer of 2013. we  launched this business extension to meet the design + strategy needs. we’re  still the only design firm with a true focus on supporting rainmaker platform clients.


ros rescued us

ros was hired temporarily while we sourced a dedicated developer... very quickly we realized that ros was that very developer we wanted and needed. our team wouldn’t exist without her.


jayana rescued ros

ros had a baby... and we needed a quick solution. jayana was hired and then we found lots of reasons for her to stay... and thankfully, she has! jayana brings an incredible amount of talent to our team.


apples for all

it’s official... we all operate on retina displays powered by apple. we can do the best by our clients by using the best tools to do our job. each project is guaranteed to be forward-thinking.

our team



strategist, designer, principal

For 10 years Aimee has been building a team...
forming a full design agency to better serve every client that works with our team. Carefully, Aimee has selected some of the best Talent in the industry to work alongside her to ensure Anchored Design only offers the very best. This team tackles each project they accept with creative energy, proven focus and determination to supersede the client’s requests... never with mediocrity.

Aimee is a Christian, engaged to the Gluten Free Dad and raising their 3 kids together on the North Carolina coast while enjoying the sun, ocean breezes + cupcakes!


lead developer + operations

As an IT Engineer by trade, Jayana has always been passionate about coding. 7 years ago everything changed when she ran head first into PHP code and WordPress. She is meticulous and caring with every project that crosses her desk to ensure our clients can easily maintain their projects when our work is done.

Jayana lives with her husband and happy son in India while spending her extra time on new code language, application building and brainstorming new ideas to help our clients.

Interested in joining our team?