we love Google fonts. what's not to love? they are free. brilliantly lovely. easy to add to WordPress. the biggest client challenge seems to be pairing Google fonts & color combinations. to make it a little easier for you, we wanted to spend the morning matching, pairing, crafting & … [Read more...]

DIY cottage inspiration.


i live in an 1830's cottage in western NY. our cozy 880 square feet home is close to a gorgeous reservoir that was created by a dam almost 100 years after my home was built. as we approach fall, the chill in the air reminds me that winter is not too far behind. this past winter was cold, bitter, … [Read more...]

a re-brand


for more than 1.5 years we sat with the same design, same website, mostly the same content... not because we wanted our website to sit quietly but because our clients keep us busy! really, really busy! when i reflect back to just last summer, i can see how much my design abilities have evolved … [Read more...]

Trusty Chucks


The new Trusty Chucks blog has launched with a simple elegant design! Mary Graham is a writer with a fresh perspective on parenting, style, health & life.   Working with Aimee was just the best. She had great ideas, knew how to translate my sort-of fuzzy concepts, and was great at … [Read more...]

Just Julie Ann


For more than 6 years I've served many repeat customers that come back for a blog spruce-up, re-brand their business, launch a new business or to update their online presence as their life changes. Julie is all of these! We have been through blog re-designs, re-branding, launched a new photography … [Read more...]



it's rare that i get to meet... let alone work alongside someone as unique, creative, driven, goal-oriented & business-savvy as me. i know this guy. we are confident. we are dreamers. we are doers. there's no such thing as "it can't be done!". we focus on precision, perfection, delivering the … [Read more...]

iConcepts Marketing


This is one website you need to see live. Go visit iConcepts Marketing & then come back to check out the details & review! Mike at iConcepts Marketing is perhaps the greatest guy that lived. He is courageous, humble, caring, giving, wicked intelligent & full of brilliant business … [Read more...]

Sheep & Stitch


Davina is perhaps one of the most talented, eager to learn, organized and willing to step outside of the traditional box than any client I've had the pleasure to work with. She literally designed every single aspect of this website from detailed graphics that scale with ease to layout and function … [Read more...]

Ahmed Hassan


Ahmed Hassan has finally received the website he deserves. After years & years of searching for the right design to represent him, we have successfully designed & launched a website that honors his creativity, his design expertise and his personal brand. Aimee is in my opinion the best … [Read more...]

woodland. inspired by the forest.


woodland. i grew up on 10 acres... surrounded by acres upon acres of farmland. a stream ran through it and one year we hauled large rocks down to the stream and built a small dam and bridge. blueberry patches, raspberry bushes, apple trees, large vegetable gardens and flower gardens grew … [Read more...]